Serving: New Hamphire (NH), New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Vermont (VT), South Carolina (SC), North Carolina (NC),
Virginia (VA), Pennsylvania (PA), Georgia (GA), Florida (FL).

Make Moving Your Vehicle Simple with the Help of our Shipping, Transportation, & Repossession Company in Anderson, SC. 


We Have Locations in Both Anderson, South Carolina (SC) , & Castleton, Vermont (VT),
to Better Meet Your Vehicle Transport or Shipping Needs.
Serving the Entire East Coast: New Hamphire (NH), New York (NY), North Carolina (NC) Virginia (VA), Pennsylvania (PA), Georgia (GA), Florida (FL).


Transport Your Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Van, SUV or other Vehicle

with Our Vehicle Transport Services

Safely transport your vehicle with the help of our tranport, shipping and repossession company in Anderson, South Carolina. Rapid Recovery & Transport is a shipping, transportation, and repossession company that offers a wide variety of services for auto dealerships, finance institutions, and individuals. Contact us today at (888) 443-3207 to utilize our auto transport services.

Truck, Vehicle Transport in Anderson, SC

Vehicle Transport
Simplify the vehicle transport process by calling the experts at Rapid Recovery & Transport. We provide same-day, damage-free vehicle transport for the entire East Cost and states as far west as Mississippi. Rapid Recovery & Transport transports new and used vehicles of all kinds and is fully insured for your protection. We carry  $1 million dollar liability coverage insurance "on-hook"  coverage, garage liability, recovery and transport services. This documentation is available upon request.  For recovery services, we offer 10-day free storage at a secured facility.

We Transport:

 • Cars
 • Trucks
 • Vans
 • SUVs

 • Motorcycles
 • 4-Wheelers


Product Transportation - Shipping Services
In addition to vehicle transport and recovery, we have trucks that are available for your general shipping needs. We transport dry goods, wood, steel, and heavy equipment. Call us today for more details about our shipping services.

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 • Fast & Efficient Services  • 100% Recovery Rate

 • Clean Driving Records

Call us at (888) 443-3207 for vehicle transport, shipping services and vehicle recovery.

Serving the entire East Coast: New Hamphire (NH), New York (NY), Vermont (VT), Maine (ME), New Jersey (NJ),
South Carolina (SC), North Carolina (NC) Virginia (VA), Pennsylvania (PA), Georgia (GA), Florida (FL).